Number and Label Parts

Number book parts

Book part numbers are controlled by the partnums attribute, not sectnums. To autogenerate part numbers, set partnums in the book header.

= The Secret Manual
:doctype: book

= Defensive Operations

== An Introduction to DefenseOps

= Managing Werewolves

When rendered, part numbers are displayed as Roman numerals.

Part I. Defensive Operations
1. An Introduction to DefenseOps
Part II. Managing Werewolves

Customize book part signifiers

The signifier (i.e., prefix) Part is automatically added to the beginning of the part titles when the partnums attribute is set. You can modify the signifier by defining the part-signifier attribute in the header of your book.

:part-signifier: Component

The part-signifier value should be followed by a space to separate the autogenerated number from the prefix.