Customize the TOC Title

You can change the title of the table of contents with the toc-title attribute.

Set toc-title

To generate a TOC with a custom title, set the toc-title attribute in the header and assign it your preferred title.

Example 1. Define a custom TOC title
= The Intrepid Chronicles
Kismet Lee; B. Steppenwolf; Pax Draeke
:toc: (1)
:toc-title: Table of Adventures (2)

== Certain Peril

Daylight trickles across the cobblestones...
1 The toc attribute must be set in order to use toc-title.
2 The toc-title is set and assigned the value Table of Adventures in the document’s header.

The result of Example 1 is displayed below.

Table of contents with a custom title