Add Link to Image

You can turn an image into a link by using the link attribute.

The link attribute on a block or image macro acts as though the image is wrapped in a link macro. While it’s possible to wrap an inline image macro in a link macro, that combination is not well supported and may introduce subtle parsing problems. Therefore, you should use the link attribute on the image macro instead.

The value of the link attribute is akin to the target of the link macro. It can point to any URL or relative path.

For a block image macro, the link attribute can be added to the block attribute line above the macro or inside the contents of the macro.




For an inline macro, the link attribute must be added inside the contents of the macro.

image:apply.jpg[Apply,link=] today!

When using the link attribute, you can also use the same controls supported by the link macro to control how the link is constructed. Those controls are as follows:

  • window attribute - instructs the browser to open the link in the specified named window

  • nofollow option - instructs search engines to not follow the link

  • noopener option - instructs the browser to navigate to the target without granting the new browsing context access to the original document

When the value of window attribute is _blank, the noopener option is automatically enabled.

Here’s an example that shows how to use these controls.


Refer to the Target a separate window section in the link macro documentation for more information about how these link controls work.