Turn Off the Title Label

Disable the label using table-caption

You can disable the title label for all of the tables in a document by unsetting the table-caption document attribute.

= Title of Document
:table-caption!: (1)

.A table with a title but no label
|Value |Result |Notes

|Null |A mystery |See Appendix R
1 In an attribute entry, enter the name of the attribute, table-caption, and append a bang (!) to the end of the name. This unsets the attribute.

When table-caption is unset, table titles aren’t preceded by a label and label number.

A table with a title but no label
Value Result Notes


A mystery

See Appendix R

Disable the label using caption

To remove the label on an individual table, assign an empty value to the caption attribute.

[caption=] (1)
.A table with a title but no label
|Lots and lots of data |A little data

|834,734 |3
|3,999,271.5601 |5
1 Enter the attribute’s name, caption, in an attribute list directly above the table title, followed by an equals sign (=). Don’t enter a value after the =.

The table from the previous example is displayed below.

A table with a title but no label
Lots and lots of data A little data