Add a Title to a Table

A table can have an optional title (i.e., table caption). To add a title to a table, use the block title syntax.

Example 1. Add an optional title to a table
.A table with a title (1)
|Column 1, header row |Column 2, header row

|Cell in column 1, row 2
|Cell in column 2, row 2
1 On the line directly above the table’s opening delimiter (or above its optional attribute line, as shown here), enter a dot (.) directly followed by the text of the title.

The table from Example 1 is displayed below.

Table 1. A table with a title
Column 1, header row Column 2, header row

Cell in column 1, row 2

Cell in column 2, row 2

You’ll notice in the above result, that the processor automatically added Table 1. in front of the table’s title. This title label can be customized or deactivated.