Revision Information

A document’s revision information is assigned to three built-in attributes: revnumber, revdate and revremark. These optional attributes can be set and assigned values using the revision line or using attribute entries in a document header.

Revision attributes


The document’s revision number or version is assigned to the built-in revnumber attribute. When assigned using the revision line, the version must contain at least one number, and, if it isn’t followed by a date or remark, it must begin with the letter v (e.g., v7.0.6). Any letters or symbols preceding the number, including v, are dropped when the document is rendered. If revnumber is set with an attribute entry, it doesn’t have to contain a number and the entire value is displayed in the rendered document.


The date the revision was completed is assigned to the built-in revdate attribute. If the date is assigned using the revision line, it must be separated from the version by a comma (e.g., 78.1, 2020-10-10). The date can contain letters, numbers, symbols, and attribute references.


Remarks about the revision of the document are assigned to the built-in revremark attribute. The remark must be separated by a colon (:) from the version or revision date when assigned using the revision line.