Asciidoctor PDF Documentation

Asciidoctor PDF is a native PDF converter for AsciiDoc that plugs into the pdf backend. It bypasses the requirement to generate an intermediary format such as DocBook, Apache FO, or LaTeX. Instead, you can use Asciidoctor PDF to convert your documents directly from AsciiDoc to PDF. The aim of this library is to take the pain out of creating PDF documents from AsciiDoc.

You’re viewing the documentation for Asciidoctor PDF 2.3. If you’re looking for the documentation for Asciidoctor PDF 1.6, refer to the README in the v1.6.x branch. Asciidoctor PDF < 2 is EOL and is thus no longer being developed. You’re encouraged to migrate to Asciidoctor PDF 2 as soon as possible.


Asciidoctor PDF converts an AsciiDoc document directly to a PDF document. The style and layout of the PDF are controlled by a dedicated theme file. To the degree possible, Asciidoctor PDF supports all the features of AsciiDoc that are supported by Asciidoctor. It also provides additional PDF-specific features. However, there are certain limits imposed by the PDF format and the underlying PDF library this extension uses.

Asciidoctor PDF uses the Prawn gem and Prawn’s extensions, such as prawn-svg and prawn-table, to generate a PDF document. Prawn is a general purpose PDF generator for Ruby that features high-level APIs for common needs like setting up the page and inserting images and low-level APIs for positioning and rendering text and graphics.