What’s New in Asciidoctor PDF 2.3

This page presents the changes made in each of the patch releases in the Asciidoctor PDF 2.3 release line. The releases are ordered from newest to oldest.

Asciidoctor PDF 2.3.0

Release date: 2022.08.16 | Release notes: v2.3.0 | Issue label: 2.3.0

Asciidoctor PDF 2.3.0 introduces several enhancements and bug fixes. For a complete list of changes, see the CHANGELOG.


  • Place footnotes below last block of content, offset by the specified amount, when the footnotes-margin-top theme key is a fixed value (e.g. 0).

  • Insert column break instead of page break in multi-column layout if column role is specified on the page break macro.

  • Allow page or column break to be forced using always option (e.g., [%always]).

  • Use a relative font size for big and small roles in the built-in themes.

  • Use the default-for-print theme by default (no theme is specified) if media is print or prepress.

  • Support text alignment roles on all styled paragraphs and verse blocks.

Bug fixes

  • Strip formatting added to source block by custom subs when syntax highlighter is enabled.

  • Only indent text that starts at left margin (i.e., when text align is left or justify).

  • Correctly compute height of heading and caption for orphan prevention.

  • Honor theme settings (prose-margin-inner and prose-text-indent-inner) for inner paragraphs in abstract.

  • Prevent footnote label from being split across lines.

  • Keep footnote label with preceding adjacent text.


  • Remove support for deprecated spread role on table.

Previous releases

See Upgrade to Asciidoctor PDF 2 if you’re upgrading from Asciidoctor PDF < 2.0.0. Otherwise, consult the CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes in Asciidoctor PDF.