SVG Category Key

The key in the svg category controls the SVG fallback font. The fallback font family is only consulted when the font family in the SVG is unrecognized, meaning it does not map to a known font name in the theme’s font catalog. The one exception to this rule are the generic font families: serif, sans-serif, cursive, fantasy, and monospace. These generic font families are mapped to their respective built-in (AFM) fonts (e.g., serif maps to Times-Roman, sans-serif maps to Helvetica, and monospace maps to Courier). If you want to change this mapping, it’s necessary to remap the generic font family of interest as a font in the theme. The fallback-font-family key in the svg category won’t help you here.

Key Value Type Example


Font family name
(default: $base-font-family)

  fallback-font-family: Times-Roman