Assign Author and Email with Attribute Entries

Instead of using an author line, a single author’s information can be set and assigned with attribute entries in the document header.

author and email attribute syntax

The built-in attributes author and email can be explicitly set and assigned values in the document header using attribute entries.

Example 1. Set author and email attributes
= The Intrepid Chronicles
:author: Kismet R. Lee (1)
:email: (2)
1 The author’s name is assigned to the built-in attribute author
2 The author’s email is assigned to the built-in attribute email

When the default stylesheet is applied, the author information assigned to these attributes is displayed on the byline. The result of Example 1 is displayed below.

Byline containing author information from the explicitly set author and email attributes
You can’t set the built-in attributes for multiple authors (e.g., author_2, email_3) using attribute entries. Multiple authors can only be set using the author line.

These attributes can also be referenced in the document.