Add Multiple Authors to a Document

The author line is the only way to assign more than one author to a document for display in the byline. Additionally, only the HTML 5 and Docbook converters can convert documents with multiple authors.

Multi-author syntax

The information for each author is concluded with a semicolon (;).

Example 1. Author line structure for multiple authors
= Document Title
firstname middlename lastname <email>; firstname middlename lastname <email>

Directly after each author’s last name or optional email, enter a semicolon (;) followed by a blank space, and then enter the next author’s information.

List multiple authors on the author line

The author line in Example 2 lists the information for three authors. Each author’s information is separated by a semicolon (;). Notice that the author B. Steppenwolf doesn’t have an email, so the semicolon is placed at the end of their name.

Example 2. An author line with three authors and two email addresses
= The Intrepid Chronicles
Kismet R. Lee <>; B. Steppenwolf; Pax Draeke <>

The result of Example 2 is displayed below.

Multiple authors and their emails displayed on the byline

The information for each author can also be referenced in the document using their respective built-in attribute.