Standalone Executable

Pre-built binary packages can be downloaded from our GitHub release page. We provide them for Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit and macOS 64-bit (x86-64). Open an issue if your platform isn’t supported. The executables are built using the Node / JavaScript toolchain.


  • Download the executable for your platform and make it executable with chmod or using the files properties' user interface.

  • Copy or clone the reveal.js presentation framework in the directory where you will build your slide deck. Here we do a shallow clone of the repo:

    $ git clone -b 3.9.2 --depth 1

Convert AsciiDoc into slides

Open a terminal where the executable is and type:

$ ./asciidoctor-revealjs --version

The command should report the Asciidoctor reveal.js and Asciidoctor CLI version in the terminal:

Asciidoctor reveal.js 3.0.1 using Asciidoctor.js 2.0.3 (Asciidoctor 2.0.9) []
Runtime Environment (node v12.13.1 on linux)
CLI version 3.1.0

If you don’t have an existing presentation, you can create a sample presentation named presentation.adoc:

= Title Slide
:revealjsdir: reveal.js

== Slide One

* Foo
* Bar
* World

To convert the sample presentation into slides, open a terminal and type:

$ ./asciidoctor-revealjs presentation.adoc

The above command will generate a file named presentation.html. You can open this file in a browser.

Alternatively you can use :revealjsdir: to avoid having to setup reveal.js locally. Just be aware that then if you have no access to internet then the presentation will not load properly.