Title Slide

The title slide is where customization for the generated presentation can be configured via AsciiDoc document attributes. These are the document-scope variables assigned at the top of a document, as part of the document header as attribute entries.

= Title Slide
:revealjs_theme: sky
:source-highlighter: highlight.js

== Slide One

* Foo
* Bar
* World

In AsciiDoc terms, the first line is the document title and the variable definitions following it are part of the document header.

Starting your document with a section title means AsciiDoc interprets your document header as empty.

Any variables set will not be picked up by the converter and will not influence the resulting presentation. The next example shows this mistake:

== This is not a document title
// These settings are not interpreted as document attributes and will not be accessible to
// the asciidoctor-revealjs converter.
:revealjs_theme: sky
:source-highlighter: highlight.js
Even if you start a document with a level-1 section, you can still have a document header. The variables then need to be defined above the section header. Another way to think of this is having a document header without a document title.

Customizing the Title Slide

In addition to configuring document-wide settings, the title slide can also define visual customization that is only applied to the title slide.

This converter supports changing the color, image, video, iframe and transitions of the title slide.

Read the reveal.js documentation to understand what attributes can be set. Keep in mind that for a title slide, you must replace data- with title-slide- in the name of the attribute.

See title-slide-image.adoc for an example of using these attributes.

The title slide also given an special title CSS class to help with template customization.