reveal.js Plugins

Default plugins

By default, generated presentations will have the following reveal.js plugins enabled:

  • plugin/zoom-js/zoom.js

  • plugin/notes/notes.js

All these plugins are part of the reveal.js distribution.

To enable or disable a built-in plugin, it is possible to set the revealjs_plugin_[plugin name] attribute to enable or disable.

For example, to disable all the default plugins set the following document attributes:

:revealjs_plugin_zoom: disabled
:revealjs_plugin_notes: disabled

Additional plugins

Additional reveal.js plugins can be installed and activated using AsciiDoc attributes and external JavaScript files.

  1. Extract the plugin files in a directory

  2. Create a JavaScript file that will contain the JavaScript statements to load the plugin (only one required even if you are using several plugins)

  3. Add a :revealjs_plugins: attribute to point to that JavaScript file

  4. (Optional) Add a :revealjs_plugins_configuration: attribute to point to a JavaScript file that configures the plugins you use

Looking at the example provided in the repository will provide guidance: AsciiDoc source, Plugin Loader, Plugin Configuration.

Read the relevant reveal.js documentation to understand more about reveal.js plugins. A list of existing reveal.js plugins is also maintained upstream.