Site integration 3.x.x Migration Guide

The asciidoctor-maven-plugin and its Doxia Modules 3.0.0 introduces some breaking changes. This guide will provide the steps required to update a project currently using 2.x.x version. For each of the breaking changes, the motivation and new equivalent configuration will be offered.

New configuration details are highlighted in bold.


Changes in this version have been motivated to provide a new easier to use asciidoctor to build sites with Maven site plugin. With that goal in mind, the single project that contained both the maven plugin and site integration components has been split into different maven submodules.

The old Doxia module embedded in asciidocto-maven-plugin library it’s now an independent JAR called asciidoctor-converter-doxia-module, and a new one has been created asciidoctor-parser-doxia-module.


Site plugin module renamed

The Doxia module has been extracted into a separated subproject named asciidoctor-converter-doxia-module.

Rename the maven-site-plugin dependency from asciidoctor-maven-plugin to asciidoctor-converter-doxia-module.

new configuration