Command Line Configuration

Configuration options can be set (but not replaced) using system properties directly in the command line as follows:

mvn generate-resources -Dasciidoctor.sourceDirectory=src/docs -Dasciidoctor.outputDirectory=target/docs

All options follow the naming convention `asciidoctor.` + option_name.

In order to provide a higher degree of flexibility attributes configuration follows a different behavior. Attributes defined through the command line are added to the ones already found in the XML configuration. The result of it is that attributes and other configuration options can be updated if they are added to the command line as attributes. For example, the following configuration could be modified with the command options as seen below.

mvn generate-resources -Dasciidoctor.attributes=toc=right
mvn generate-resources -Dasciidoctor.attributes="toc=right source-highlighter=highlight.js imagesdir=my_images"

Note that in the second case we need to use quotes due to the spaces.