The Asciidoctor Maven Site integration provides two Maven Doxia modules to author your content with the Maven Site Plugin.

  • Converter Doxia Module converts AsciiDoc sources into HTML using Asciidoctor without customizations. That means you will get the same HTML as using Asciidoctor but some elements may not be well presented due to incompatibilities with Doxia Skins. You may need to add custom CSS or Asciidoctor templates.
    This is continuation of the previous asciidoctor-maven-plugin.

  • Parser Doxia Module converts AsciiDoc sources into HTML using custom converters, adapting the output to better match Maven Site styles. This module offers the better out-of-the-box experience and does not require additional CSS styles or other elements.
    However, not all AsciiDoc structures are supported YET and this module is considered experimental. See the list of currently supported features in Supported AsciiDoc elements.