Custom Roles

Use the keys in the role category to define custom roles or redefine the built-in roles. Custom roles only apply to paragraphs and inline phrases.

Define a custom role

Custom roles are defined under the role category key. The name of a custom role may contain a hyphen, but a role name cannot contain an underscore.

role: (1)
  rolename: (2)
    font-color: #FF7F50 (3)
    font-style: bold
    text-decoration: underline
  another-role: (4)
    border-width: 0.5
1 Custom roles are defined under the role category key.
2 Create a name for your custom role.
3 Enter a formatting key and its value on a new line under the name of the role. Each key that you want applied to a role should be entered on a new line.
4 You can define more than one custom role under the role category key. Role names can contain hyphens, but not underscores.

The formatting keys that a custom role can accept are listed in Role Category Keys. Let’s look at some custom role definition and usage examples in the next section.

Custom role examples

In the following example, a custom role named red is defined. The keys background-color and font-color are set and each key is assigned a color value using the hex format.

    background-color: #333333
    font-color: #FF0000

You can also use a custom role to unset the default styling of a paragraph or inline phrase and make it inherit the styling of its parent element. In the example below, a custom role named heading-code is defined and the font-color key is unset by assigning a tilde (~) as its value.

    font-color: ~

In the next example, the red and heading-code custom roles are assigned to text in a document.

= Document Title

== Section title

[.red] (1)
Error text is shown in red.

=== [.heading-code]`SELECT` clause (2)

A paragraph.
1 The red custom role is assigned to a paragraph.
2 The heading-code custom role is assigned to an inline phrase marked up with the codespan syntax. The code phrase will inherit the font color of the section heading, because the heading-code role unsets the font color that would usually be applied to a code phrase. However, the phrase Select will inherit all the other code phrase styles.

See Role Category Keys for the list of keys a custom role can accept.