Autofit Text

Verbatim blocks often have long lines that don’t fit within the fixed width of the PDF canvas. And unlike on the web, the PDF reader cannot scroll horizontally to reveal the overflow text. Therefore, the long lines are forced to wrap. Wrapped lines can make the verbatim blocks hard to read or even cause confusion.

To help address this problem, Asciidoctor PDF provides the autofit option on all verbatim—​literal, listing and source—​blocks to attempt to fit the text within the available width.

autofit option

When the autofit option is enabled, Asciidoctor PDF will decrease the font size as much as it can until the longest line fits without wrapping.

The converter won’t shrink the font size beyond the value of the base_font_size_min key specified in the PDF theme. If that threshold is reached, lines may still wrap. To allow autofit to handle all cases, set base_font_size_min to 0 in your theme.

Here’s an example of the autofit option enabled on a source block:

public class WidgetRepository {
    public List<String> listAll(@QueryParam("start") Integer start, @QueryParam("max") Integer max) {

autofit-option attribute

To enable the autofit option globally, set the autofit-option document attribute in the document header or before the relevant blocks in your content.

= Document Title