Lifecycle of a SyntaxHighlighterAdapter

AsciidoctorJ will create an own instance for every document that it converts.

It will try to instantiate the class by calling a constructor that has three parameters:


The name of the syntax highlighter as it was referenced by the :source-highlighter attribute. In the previous example this was "myhighlightjs".


The name of the backend used to convert the document. This is for example "html5". Note that SyntaxHighlighters can only be used for HTML based backends.


A map containing options for this syntax highlighter. Currently this contains the current org.asciidoctor.ast.Document for the key "document".

This means the syntax highlighter class could also have this constructor:

    public HighlightJsHighlighter(String name, String backend, Map<String, Object> options) {

        Document document = (Document) options.get("document");
        assertThat("Syntax Highlighter Test").isEqualTo(document.getDoctitle());

A constructor with only the first two, or only the first parameter is also allowed. AsciidoctorJ will call the constructor with the most matching parameters.