Read the Document Tree

Instead of converting an AsciiDoc document, you may want to parse the document to read information it contains or navigate the document’s structure. AsciidoctorJ lets you do this!

AsciidoctorJ provides a model of the abstract syntax tree of the document. These objects are directly linked to the internal representation.

To load a document, use the load or loadFile methods.

import org.asciidoctor.ast.Document;

Document document = asciidoctor.load(DOCUMENT, Options.builder().build()); (1)
assertThat(document.doctitle(), is("Document Title")); (2)
1 Document from a String is loaded into Document object.
2 Title of the document is retrieved.

But also all blocks that conforms the document can be retrieved. Currently there are support for three kinds of blocks. Blocks itself, Section for sections of the document and StructuralNode which is the base type where all kind of blocks (including those not mapped as Java class) are mapped.

import org.asciidoctor.ast.Document;
import org.asciidoctor.ast.Section;

Document document = asciidoctor.load(DOCUMENT, Options.builder().build()); (1)
Section section = (Section) document.getBlocks().get(1); (2)

assertThat(section.index(), is(0)); (3)
assertThat(section.sectname(), is("sect1"));
assertThat(section.special(), is(false));
1 Document from a String is loaded into Document object.
2 All blocks are get and because in this example the first block is a Section block, we cast it directly.
3 Concrete methods for sections can be called.

Blocks can also be retrieved from query using findBy method.

Document document = asciidoctor.load(DOCUMENT, Options.builder().build());

Map<Object, Object> selector = new HashMap<>(); (1)
selector.put("context", ":image"); (2)

List<StructuralNode> findBy = document.findBy(selector);
assertThat(findBy, hasSize(2)); (3)
1 Queries are defined in a map estructure.
2 In this example all blocks with context as image is returned. Notice that the colon (:) must be added in the value part.
3 Document used as example contains two images.