Available Converters

This page lists the converters, along with their associated backends and output formats, which are either built into Asciidoctor or distributed separately by the Asciidoctor project. There are additional “unofficial” converters for Asciidoctor which are not listed on this page.

Built-in converters

These built-in converters are bundled with Asciidoctor.


The HTML 5 converter (backend: html or html5) generates HTML 5 styled with CSS3. This is the converter Asciidoctor uses by default.


The XHTML variant of the HTML 5 converter. To use the XHTML converter, assign xhtml or xhtml5 to the backend option.


The DocBook 5.0 converter generates DocBook 5.0 XML. To use the DocBook converter, assign docbook or docbook5 to the backend option.

Man page

The man page converter generates manual pages for software used on Unix and Unix-like operating systems. To use the man page converter, assign manpage to the backend option.

Add-on converters

You can use add-on converters, which plug into Asciidoctor by adding the appropriate library to the runtime path (e.g., -r asciidoctor-pdf).


The PDF converter (backend: pdf) generates a portable document format. Requires the asciidoctor-pdf gem.


The EPUB3 converter (backend: epub3) generates a distribution and interchange format standard for digital publications and documents. Requires the asciidoctor-epub3 gem.


The Reveal.js converter generates a Reveal.js presentation from an AsciiDoc document. Requires Asciidoctor Reveal.js.


The Bespoke converter generates a Bespoke presentation from an AsciiDoc document. Requires Asciidoctor Bespoke.