Generate an HTML TOC

Asciidoctor’s HTML 5 converter has built-in support for generating a TOC. This TOC generator can also be used as a general purpose API. This logic is available via the outline method on the HTML5 converter.

The outline method excepts a Document object and an optional Hash of options, and returns an HTML string. It can be resolved and invoked from anywhere using the following:

html_toc = (Asciidoctor::Converter.for 'html5').outline document

The method can also be executed from inside a converter template (e.g., Slim, Haml, or ERB). When using a composite converter, this call will be run through the converter chain.

= converter.convert document, 'outline'

The method is also available through the Document API:

html_doc = document.converter.convert document, 'outline'

The outline method accepts the following options:


the number of section levels to number (defaults to the value of the sectnumlevels attribute.


the depth of the toc (defaults to the value of the toclevels attribute)