Structurizr builds upon "diagrams as code", allowing you to create multiple software architecture diagrams from a single model. There are a number of tools for creating Structurizr compatible workspaces, with the Structurizr DSL being the recommended option for most teams.

The Structurizr extension allows individual views from a Structurizr DSL workspace to be included in Asciidoc documents. This is the inverse use case of Structurizr’s documentation support which lets you embed Asciidoc in the Structurizr DSL.

This extension uses the Structurizr CLI tool to convert Structurizr DSL files into the input for a renderer. The chosen renderer is then used to generate the final image.

The installation location of Structurizr CLI needs to be passed to asciidoctor-diagram using the DIAGRAM_STRUCTURIZRCLI_HOME. When running Asciidoctor with JRuby or when using AsciidoctorJ the installation location can also be specified using the diagram.structurizrcli.home Java system property. In both cases it should be set to the absolute directory containing the extracted Structurizr CLI archive.

Supported Image Formats

  • PNG

  • SVG


Name Default value Description



The rendering backend to use. One of d2, graphviz, mermaid, plantuml, or plantuml-c4



The key of the view to render