Option: Theme/Stylesheet

The extension option under Additional Resources, Theme/Stylesheet allows you to change the look of the HTML5 content by changing the stylesheet used.

You can:

  • Select a Theme/Stylesheet

  • Add a custom Theme/Stylesheet

  • Remove a previously added custom Theme/Stylesheet


Select the dropdown Theme/Stylesheet to choose which predefined stylesheet will be used to change the appearance of the HTML rendered from the AsciiDoc.

If you have loaded a custom Theme/Stylesheet, it will be shown in the list under Custom.

You can choose from the following predefined stylesheets

  • asciidoctor (default)

  • colony

  • foundation

  • foundation-lime

  • foundation-potion

  • github

  • golo

  • iconic

  • maker

  • readthedocs

  • riak

  • rocket-panda

  • rubygems

Add a stylesheet

Select button Add a stylesheet to add a customized Asciidoctor CSS stylesheet to the predefined list of stylesheets.

After successfully adding a stylesheet, a notification appears in the options, and the stylesheet is now in the selectable list. To use your added stylesheet, select it in Theme/Stylesheet.

Removing the notification does not affect operation.

Remove a stylesheet

To remove custom stylesheet added to the stylesheet list:

  1. Select the custom stylesheet in Theme/Stylesheet

  2. Click the colored button Remove that appears