Converting to EPUB3

The Asciidoctor EPUB3 gem (asciidoctor-epub3) is bundled inside the AsciidoctorJ EPUB3 jar (asciidoctorj-epub3). To use it, simply add the asciidoctorj-epub3 jar to your dependencies. The version of the AsciidoctorJ EPUB3 jar aligns with the version of the Asciidoctor EPUB3 gem.

Here’s how you can add the AsciidoctorJ EPUB3 jar to your Maven dependencies:


Once you’ve added the AsciidoctorJ EPUB3 jar to your classpath, you can set the backend attribute to epub3. The document will be converted to the EPUB3 format.

The asciidoctor-epub3 gem is alpha. While it can be used successfully, there may be bugs and its functionality may change in incompatible ways before the first stable release. In other words, by using it, you are also testing it ;)

Let’s see an example of how to use AsciidoctorJ with the EPUB3 converter.

= Book Title
Author Name
:imagesdir: images (1)

include::content-document.adoc[] (2)
1 The EPUB3 converter requires the value of the imagesdir attribute to be images.
2 The EPUB3 converter must be run on a spine document that has at least one include directive (and no other body content) in order to function properly.
= Content Title
Author Name

This is the actual content.

== First Section

And off we go.

And finally we can convert the document to EPUB3 using AsciidoctorJ.

asciidoctor.convertFile(new File("spine.adoc"),
                Options.builder().safe(SafeMode.SAFE).backend("epub3").build()); (1) (2)

assertThat(new File("target/test-classes/index.epub").exists(), is(true));
1 Currently, the EPUB3 converter must be run in SAFE or UNSAFE mode due to a bug
2 epub3 is the name of the backend that must be set to convert to EPUB3.