Help Resources

To be successful writing and publishing AsciiDoc content with Asciidoctor, we encourage you to maintain a dialogue with the projects and fellow community members. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and discuss any aspects of the project in the various communication channels listed below. Each project may provide more focused communication channels as well. Your feedback helps drives the projects forward by providing use cases, ideas, metrics, and motivation.

Real-time chat (Platform: Zulip)

Discussion list (aka mailing list) (Platform: Nabble)

Issue tracker (Platform: GitHub)
Please direct general support questions to the chat channel or discussion list.


Reach out to @asciidoctor or mention the #asciidoctor hashtag.

Please understand that all members of this community are volunteers and support is provided to fellow community members out of good will / personal interest. If you’re seeking professional support, you can ask the project maintainers or other community members if they offer any services.