The Asciidoctor Maven Plugin is used to convert AsciiDoc documents using Asciidoctor. The plugin offers a comprehensive way to configure a conversion process using AsciidoctorJ in a declarative way.

Goals overview

The plugin has 3 goals. None of these are bound to any specific phase.


main goal of the plugin, it is used to convert documents during a normal Maven build.


used to support writing documents. This goal will run until stopped and will convert documents online when they are modified.


used to support writing HTML documents. On top of converting documents online when they are modified, it will push them to a local HTTP server.


Specific instructions can be found in the specific usage page of each goal.

Here is a simple example of an HTML conversion.

                    <phase>generate-resources</phase> (1)
                        <outputDirectory>${}/html</outputDirectory> (2)
                        <attributes> (3)
1 Asciidoctor maven plugin’s phase and goal must be set explicitly in an execution block.
2 Asciidoctor options can be set in the <configuration> section. Note the backend is html5 by default.
3 Asciidoctor attributes can be set inside the <attributes> section. These are unrestricted key value pairs, with a special case for boolean values.